29th FA Crest4th Division No Photo

BG Lynwood B. Lennon
Battalion Commander
6th Battalion, 29th Field Artillery
South Vietnam
1966 - 1967

I am a 71 year old veteran of three wars who served 32 years in the US Army, rising from the rank of Private to Brigadier General.

My service included being an Astronomical Surveyor and Acting First Sergeant in the 657 Engineer Astronomical Detachment. We were conceived and born in Yong Dong Po, Korea, in the summer of 1946 (that sounds much more romantic now than it did at the time). Our unique mission was to establish first order survey control for remappimg the major island groups of the SW Pacific. This was a once in a lifetime venture. Of course, satellites make short work of it today (Feb 1946-Aug 1947, T/Sgt).

Commissioned as 2LT of Field Artillery in the ORC (Aug 1949 while a student at Wake Forest), I was called to active duty at Ft. Bragg, NC, in June 1951 and retired at Ft. Myer, VA, Feb 1978. In between I served in 8", 240mm, and 280mm heavy artillery battalions and as commander of an Honest John Rocket Battery. I taught probability and statistics at the Air Defense School and graduated from the Guided Missiles Staff Officer Course, Field Artillery Advanced Course, Command & General Staff College, and Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

I hold a BS (cum laude) from Wake Forest University with majors in Secondary Education and Natural Sciences and minors in Greek and Mathematics, and an MS in Business Administration from the George Washington University. I attended NC State University for one year of Engineering Mathematics and the University of Virginia for two years of Nuclear Physics and Advanced Mathematics.

My service included several Field Artillery Battalion and Group Staffs, the Army Staff, the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, command of 3d Field Artillery Battery (Honest John), command of 6th Battalion, 29th Field Artillery, in combat in Viet Nam in Direct Support of the Fighting First Brigade of the Famous Fourth Infantry Division, and command of the Fourth United States Army Missile Command in Korea where I was also Eighth Army Artillery Officer, Fire Support Coordinator for the First ROK Army, and Area Commander for the NE third of the Republic of Korea.

In my final assignment I was responsible for solving all of the US Army's nuclear and chemical weapons problems. (I left some problems behind so that my successors would not become bored.)

In all of my assignments I was richly blessed by being under the command of a long list of outstanding (not to mention understanding) superior officers. I was ably assisted by superb troops and NCOs, subordinate commanders and staff officers, several of whom have since gone on to wear eagles and stars on their collars. I owe my undying gratitude to all of the great people who served above, with, and under me. Without them I would have gotten nowhere and would have accomplished nothing. God bless 'em all.

Brigadier General Lynwood B. Lennon - "Can Do"




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