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How to Tell if YOU Are Obsessed With Mulan

Do you love Disney's full-length animated feature film, Mulan? Do you find yourself wondering, am I the only one who likes Mulan? If this is the case, check these guideline on how to tell if you are Mulan obsessed. If you feel that you don't have enough info on Mulan, contact me, and I'll send ya some Mulan goodies! For joy!

How To Tell If You Are Mulan Obsessed:

  1. You cut off your long, silky hair that took forever to grow, just to look like Mulan.
  2. You collected all of the Mulan boxes with the paper lanterns on them.
  3. You have all of the Mulan happy meal toys.
  4.  You have a web site about her (like me).
  5. You go to school everyday dressed up like Mulan and when someone asks you why you dress like that, you say something in Chinese to them that they cannot understand.
  6.  You spend hour after hour learning to use chopsticks.
  7.  You sing "Reflection" every night to your family.
  8. You capture a cricket and actually believe that it will bring you good luck.
  9. You tell everyone you know that you are Mulan's guardian, Mushu, in disguise.
  10. You won't use anything that isn't Mulan.

Well, that's all I can think of. If you have any more Mulan Obsessions to add, E-mail me.