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        Yep, 'nother new layout. :) I like this one better coz the frames were so disorganized, y'know? Anyways,              been reteaching myself how to use Photoshop, and the graphics were made with that. Cool, huh? Of course          it's cool... coz I said so. hehehehehehehe. Just thought I'd let you know what's been happening. Also, please         vote for me [vote link on the main page]. Class tomorrow; gotta split.

        I had said that I was going to have everything up about a week ago, but I've been sidetracked. Too many             things to do. ^^* Anyways, I should have everything up today or tomorrow. And I changed the layout a bit.         =)

        Heh, told you I would update today. ^_^

        It's been over a month since I was supposed to have this new layout up. Oh well. I should have everything            up by the end of this month.
        Nothing works right now; it's all under construction. Come back soon. ^^

        Hey, peeps! 'Sup? Man! I haven't updated in a looong    time. Since February, I think. Anyways, been really        busy. School let out this month. Woohoo! ^_^ I've been working hard on my art, and got some kewl fan arts        for you guys.
        And oh yeah, like the new layout? hehe... It's about time for something new, doncha think? I think the blue            and black work pretty well.