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The Battles

This battle is being fought by humans trying to get into The Mushroom Zone. They are wearing new sheep disguises. The Mushrooms don't seem to be fooled. The clouds just happened to float out of The Mushroom Zone. The commander is announcing ,"We've got new disguises, men." One human up on a cloud is saying, "Bahh! Bahhh! I'm a sheep!" The mushroom that is about to shoot him is saying, "Shearing time." The mushroom standing on top of the portal is wondering if he should even waste time reporting this.
This battle is being fought inside of The Mushroom Zone, that is why the image is so blurry. A mushroom has just zapped a human. Pierre has his medium sized knife and is prepared to "slahce ahn dahce." Smith (the one with two guns) is zapping the mushroom that jumped at him, and the other ray bounced off of Pierre's knife and hit another mushroom. The mushroom and human at the top are having a casual conversation before the human turns the mushroom into a cherry. The humans appear to be winning this battle.

Due to food rationing, the following battles may show much thinner humans. (And due to cheap photographic supplies, they may be black and white.)

This is a typical battle of human vs. Holo-Projector. The human here is shooting at the projected mushroom, but the ray just goes right through.

This battle shows just how little The Mushrooms respected the humans. One mushroom with one gun is guarding one of the most important pieces of equipment in The Mushroom Empire. The humans are putting an end to this portal in hope that it will help them to slow the flow of reinforcements from The Mushroom Zone. (But we could be wrong about this. Commander's motives were always kept secret, and most records from this time period were destroyed. This might be a photo from the very end of The Mushroom Empire, when all mushroom-made objects were destroyed.) The mushroom on top of the portal is voicing his discontent, which also happens to be his last word, "Darn."
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