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A computerized simulation of a popular game frequently played in The Mushroom Zone. The program is in QBasic, and most people should be able to run it. After decompressing, just run Mushrong.bat
Click here to download.

Pierre's How to Cook Program

Click here to download Pierre's educational journey into the world of mushroom preparation. "Pierre's How to Cook Program" was designed to teach and drill the essential facts of mushroom preparation. 50.0 KB
For most people, you download the file by clicking the above link. A box should pop up asking you what to do. You should click save as.
This has been tested on Windows 95,NT, and 3.1. This program contains sudden noises wich may scare the unaware. Some sounds may not work in Windows 95. This program is compressed, so you (or your browser) will have to decompress it. If you have trouble and cannot decompress the file, e-mail us. This is a large file, so it is not for the slow of modem.

Download a sound!

This is an actual recording taken from the security camera systems at the secret Campbell's soup facility in the southwestern United States. The mushroom has just discovered what goes into Cream of Mushroom Soup. 45.6 KB

Mushrooms Growing Video

Have you ever noticed how quickly mushrooms pop up after it rains? This video will show you exactly what happens. Click here to download. 45.6 KB

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