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Message Boards

These are The Mushroom Wars message boards. Use them to your heart's content to talk to people about the site, or the things on it. Try to keep on the topic of the board, or else go to the Other board.
PLEASE,no insults, etc. or I will take steps to get your privilages revoked.
Mushroom Physics
Talk about physics that are used in The Mushroom Wars, and tell us exactly why it can't happen. Maybe offer explanations for thing we didn't cover (like the weapons).
Mushroom Wars History
Mushroom Wars History is anything about the battles of The Mushroom Wars, important figures, side stories, Mushroom Society, etc. Feel free to make things up! All ideas are welcome.
Anything that doesn't fit into the above categories goes here. Arguments, private conversations, miscellanious questions, bring them here!
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