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Grand Lodge Building

The Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge
Florida & Belize, Central America
Free & Accepted Masons
Prince Hall Affilated

410 Broad Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32203
P.O. Box 52657 Jacksonville, Florida 32201
(904) 354-2368 1-800-457-3591
Fax (904) 355-8667

Most Worshipful David Wright, 33o
Grand Master

Right Worshipful Wilson Andrews
Deputy Grand Master

Right Worshipful Dr. Michael R. Moore
Grand Senior Warden

Right Worshipful Lee Carter
Grand Junior Warden

Right Worshipful Phillip Robinson
Grand Secretary

Right Worshipful Melvin Wright
Grand Teasurer

Worshipful Willie F. Powell


Prince Hall Masonry were established in Florida in 1870. It is a direct appendage entity of the original body of Negro Masons, established in the United States on March 6, 1775, in Boston, Massachusetts by Prince Hall and fourteen other free men of African decent. The charting authority of African Lodge #1, is that of all other Ancient and Free Masonic bodies in the United States, is the Grand Lodge of England.

Find out more about The Most Worshipful Prince Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Our Headquarters (The Masonic Temple) is located at 410 Broad Street, Jacksonville, Florida. It was constructed in 1912; and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (as of September 22, 1980).

In light of the rigid segregation laws of that period, which inhibited opportunities for black citizens, the concept for the building was a bold one. It would house office space and stores and would serve as a meeting center for the as a meeting center for the black community. It took over ten years to raise the funds to start construction. Various affiliated organizations such as the Ladies of the Eastern Star, the Holy Royal Arch Masons, the Heroines of Jericho, and the Knights Templar, as well as the National Negro Businessman’s League, helped with the fund raising drive. Groundbreaking ceremonies took place on September 18, 1912, for the five-story, reinforced-concrete, and brick building at the northwest corner of Broad and Duval Streets.

Each horizontal level is embellished with a different series of abstract ornament, including a row of Masonic symbols below the fifth-floor windows. These decorations are variously made of brick, terra-cotta, and pressed metal, and they are visually linked together by the dominant vertical piers. An ornamental metal cornice caps the compositions.

The building was designed as a multi-use structure: the first floor contains retail space; the second and third floor are office space; and the two upper floors are occupied by the Masonic organization. Black dentists, physicians, insurance agents, and other professionals were among its early occupants. Jacksonville’s first black-owned bank, the Anderson Bank, was located here. The Most Worshipful Grand Union Lodge has continuously maintained it headquarters in the building, which has long been a source of pride among black citizens. The 1926 Negro Blue Book described it is "
. . . one of the finest buildings owned by Negroes in the world. "

Since April 1998 we have had visitors.

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The Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge of Florida & Belize, Central America
F&AM Prince Hall Affiliated
Will convene its annual Grand Session on Monday, April 19th at 9:00 a.m. at the Grand Lodge Building on 410 Broad Street in Jacksonville, FL.
All members of the MWUGL are asked to attend.
For more information please contact me or your local lodge.

Please feel free to vist some of the lodges and other organizations associated with the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge of Florida.

PHGL stands for Prince Hall Grand Lodge.

There is a great deal of information available about Masonry and Prince Hall Masonry.
Check out Brother Gregory Hunt's Homepage.

"The Charter"

This is infomation on the one item that Prince Hall need to make history.

Who is, and was, a Prince Hall Mason?
This is a list of a FEW men that are Prince Hall Mason. Included are some of our brothers that have passed on to the promised land.

Visit the Grand Lodge Bookstore
The Grand Lodge Bookstore On-Line is open and ready for business.
If you wish you may call the Grand Lodge Bookstore at (904) 354-2368 for up-to-date pricing.

The MWUGL is a family composed of many different organizations. Cooperation between all the our higher houses is very important. We would now like to introduce the Grand officers of our Masonic Family.
Click on the emblem of the house you wish to view.
OES HRAM KT 32 emblem Shrine
33 emblem HOJ HTC OGC DOI

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Grand Bro. Robert W. Gill, Jr

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