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Read and Understand

A Lost Child

I made my decision
and now as I look back,
 I realize that my choice
cannot be taken back.
The choice was some
many months ago. To
 have it or rid of it.
My choice was to rid.
Every now and then I look
back and I'm
ashamed of what I did.
We were so careless
and now a child is lost.
I never thought the pain
that I feel now would be
such a high cost.
 The thoughts of what
he or she might have
grown up to be,
sends chills down my
shine and tears
to my eyes. Some
say it was wrong and
others feel it was my choice.
I wonder if mine was the right
or wrong one. Every moment
something reminds me
of that day
when I threw an innocent
life away.

By someone

This peom was written by someone that is very special to me and the child that was my child.
Any female out there with a decision to make read this peom and think about the lives that
will be effected  my your decision.

    The Change

A nonchalant gesture
An emotionless shrug
The casual death
Of all that I love
            Looking for the answers;
            The blood on my hands;
            Fighting for nothing
            Trying to make a stand;
An advanture of a liftime
Losing all I hold dear
Shooting toward the stars
Burning to nothing in the atmoshere
             Looking for the answers;
             The price of my soul;
             Painfully moving on;
             Ignorance takes its toll
A moment of weakness
An act of pure lust
I am now empty
My world turning to dust
              Searching my soul;
              Finding nothing there;
              Looking in her eyes;
              Knowing I don't care

                     The Void

Where does it come from, this feeling I have;
It takes over my body;
It possesses my mind;
It fills my heart;
Filling the void that hurt has left me;
It leaves me strangely complete;
A completeness that is not entirely complete;
There is piece that someone has taken;
And now possesses;
Where has the piece gone?
And how can I get it back?
Struggling to hold my head up high;
Making my way through life;
Damaged and handicapped;
I limp through the days;
Trying to move on through moments;
And not give in;
This feeling you have given me;
Tries to make me whole again;
Taking it day by day;
And attempting to look forward to tomorrow.

                                                                         He's always Near

                                                                 I'm constantly looking to him to pray.
                                                                 I face many probelms as the hours pass
                                                                 Just as long as he's with me i know I will last

                                                                When people dislike me and say bad things,
                                                                 I know that he's forgiving them without saying anything

                                                                 I know he's always by my side
                                                                 So when I slip up, I cannot hide.
                                                                 I talk to him everyday,
                                                                 He lets me know that he will never lead me astray.

                                                                 He is my best friend and always will be,
                                                                 No matter what, I can count on him and he can
                                                                 count on me

                                                                 When my day come and I am taken from this world,
                                                                 I know angels will surround me and I will finally be
                                                                 with him, The Lord.

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