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Dedication page
This page was created to let all my people that have been there for me know how much I care for them and I want them all to  try to get the best out of life and always  keep there heads up and remember that anything is possible if you have faith in the lord, he is the all everything. And for all those that I don't care for I must say Fuck you but good luck with your lifes.

First off  I would likethank the man up above for being the guiding light  of my life and next I would like to sent out a special thanks to the greatest woman on the earth My Mom(I love you).

I must give a shout out to my older brother Dre the one who help put this web page together and another shout to my nigga Nard the brother that is always keeping it real.I have to give a shout out to my little sister Lashawna

I have to give a special shout out to my niece Endia Cyana Unique Martin and my two nephews Christen and Cameron Martin

One time to my two favorite cousins Shay and Kristen-ya'll keep your heads up One time to my lil cuz Treice down in Homerville, One time to JD and Chuck, One time to Frab and Bre' Anna, One time  to Reggie, One time to my Aunt Cynt, my Aunt Connie up in Philly, and my Aunt Karlyn. One time to my grandparents Mary and Roger down in Greenville.One time to Bessie my grandmother down in the Ville..

One time to all dem broke ass niggas in da Ville, One time to Everyone else from ClinchCounty High. One time to Class of 98' all across tha land. One time to all my fellow Devry students.

I must give a shout out to all my Triple P boyz( pimp, playas and pushers) them nigga are the realist.To the boyz that are part of the Dynasty ya'll keep it real and always have business own your mind. Special shoutout to my TRU niggas Truly,Trone, Dre,Boogie,Chuck and Tony.

I must gave a special shout out to the realist rappers them NoLimit Soldiers

 One time to all the ladies that I have gave a  little of my time to I would like all you to  remember that once on my side always on my side. Keep your head up and don't let no one destroy your dreams.  Ashley, Casey, Alanna, Tiffany,Jessica, Nikki, Nisia, Stelnesia,Corrine,Alisha, Talia,Claudia,Ayesha, Mareisha,Brooke,Carletta,Amy,Reese,Bridgette,Kelle,Toya,Tocarra,Trina,Jasmine,Jamie Kreesha,Nevia,Sarah,Shannon,Angel and Dee Dee,

I have to give a special shout out to April Raymond Thank you for being there for me

I have to gave a shout out some other people to Greta, Adrienne, Yakevia, Heather(sexy red), Nette, Kursteen, Donna,Deborah,Tashana that nigga Brent,and one time for my boy Big Oak.

I must also gave a special shout out to my girls Amy, Kim, Cindy,
Re Re, Vilaphone, Khaleelah and Michelle ya'll have been there with me through  thick and thin.( I love ya'll)

I must give a shout out to my girls chilling at Spelman Jamie, Tashe, Yolanda, , and Tina

I must gave a special special shout out to a very special little girl my Angel( I love you very much.)

I  have to say Rest In Peace to the greatest rapper and the realist nigga that has ever pick up a microphone My nigga 2pac I miss you and no one will ever be able to put it down the way you did

I have to say RIP to My boy Jonathan Cabral I will miss you  and to all the rest of the fellas that got taken away from us this year RIP.

Panther for Life


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 If there is someone out there that  I forgot about gave me a holla and let
me know why you think you deserve to have a shout out from me.

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