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The Midi file Playing is "I believe I can Fly"-R-Kelly Listen while u check me out
                                                                      My Stages of life
                                  From a boy to a Man

     It's not where I have been its where i am about to go on Top of the world DYNASTY  forever

                                            Man that's a cute lil baby

                                                           Boy where in the world was my chest

                                                        I can't even believe that it is me

                                                          Who would have ever thought of this outfit

                                                                     And I really thought I was cool as hell

                                           Man you have bow legs

                                                     Damn I think I am coming along just fine

                                                 Who's Really the man

                                                                                    Just chilling looking for Miss Right

                                                                                            Now I am Standing On Top of  The World

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