Dean Nole

Dean is the co-owner and chef of Cafe CaNole, a popular Utica Italian Pastry Cafe (and a cousin of my sister-in-law Lisa). Dean learned his very fine culinary skills at The Culinary Institute of America and was awarded the Accent on Excellence Award by the Institute in 2001. For this venture, Dean has teamed up with Filmmaker Carlo Ventura (another Utican) to co-star in "Come Away With Me." "Come Away With Me" is a low-key comedy based in both Utica, NY, and Italy (and filmed in both). The film is about "Maria" (Italian actress Mariangela Melato) who lives in East Utica, NY, being romanced by "Giovanni" (Nole) who tries to get her to go back to Italy with him. The film also details the cultural and neighborhood changes in East Utica (traditionally Italian) with the arrival of new, non-Italian immigrants.

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