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To: All my Icq   friends

You are my extended family.

If not for this cyberworld, I would have never discovered

you all!!!

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Whenever I think of our friendship

and how special and close it has

grown,  I think of the help that

you've given, the wonderful

insights you've shown,   I think of

the many kind favors that no one

but you would have done,   of your

talent for finding the bright side

and making so many things fun…

I think of the times you've stood by

me and loyally taken my part…

So whenever I think of our friendship,

I feel a warm glow in my heart.

S. Dauz

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Netnanny sends Thanks to:

JennyShadow, Wompuss, JuiceyKat,

Major Mom Mom, Dipsy Doodle,

Sequoyah, Emmy/Oma, ^i^ Onanao,

Helen,  Jackie, Brucepen, Okie

CC,  Webhead-David (my puter wizard)

for constantly sharing, caring and encouraging "little ole me"

Special " Hugs" to Wompuss and JuicyKat for their talented,

wonderful web-page design of  "nannybops"~~"WOW" it is


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