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~ 3 ~

While they were walking down the street, she spotted the familiar gait and appearance of a man approaching them. The man was her father. Recognizing his daughter, he screamed at her to go home immediately. She ran blindly down the street in tears, imagining the worst .

Guy spoke to her father in a calm voice and told him he was in love with his daughter and he wanted to marry her. Her father wanted no part of listening to him and turned his back and walked away from Guy. Guy called out to him and said he would return tomorrow with a letter from his Commanding Officer. Guy was serious; he was not about to leave Holland without Dien.

He had never met anyone with such a glowing smile and such deep, questioning eyes. Considering what she had been through, she had a quality of being strong and a determination to do right.

In days that followed, the war was officially declared ended. Many of the troops were now being sent home. Time was of the essence ~ he had to talk with Dien's parents. He had written to his family in Canada telling them of his desire to marry a Dutch girl; and if he could, he was bringing home a bride.

As if luck were on his side, he heard rumors that many soldiers were being asked to stay to volunteer with the clearing of the ruins in Amsterdam. Guy was one of the first to say he wanted to stay. Awaiting the papers from the army and a letter from his Commanding Officer, Guy busied himself until he could take them to Diens' family. Once he had the papers, he went to her house. When he rang the bell,   the palms of his hands were sweating.

Dien heard the bell, looked out the window and her heart raced as she flew down the stairs. They embraced, only to hear her father scream and curse, ordering his daughter to go back up stairs. Guy looked at him and pleaded for him to listen. He finally agreed to listen.

After what seemed forever the two came upstairs. Dien did not know whether to look or hide and then she saw Guy coming up the steps. He reached his out his hand to a crying girl ~ his girl ~ his love. Dien's father had agreed to them seeing each other, all along thinking, "This will not last." Her mother smiled knowing Dien would be happy.

Dien had had many long conversations with her mother and sisters and they knew love works in mysterious ways.

Guy told them he did not want to leave Holland without Dien. He wanted to marry her. Time will tell, Guy knew, time would tell. He had plans to get all the necessary paper work in order, so that they could get married.

Guy brought many wonderful treats to the family and they looked forward to seeing him with his whiskey and nylons, meat and desserts. Everything he could get his hands on, Guy took to Dien's family.

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