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~ 4 ~

As the days passed the tension was no longer evident. Dien's father started to mellow, especially after a drink or two with Guy.

Guy told Dien that the paper work was nearly ready and she would have to get her father to give permission for her to marry and leave Holland.

Dien loved Guy so much; and although she gave it much thought, her loving feelings certainly overcome her fear of leaving Holland and going to a strange country. Now nearing 19, Dien and Guy signed all the documents for the Army and the Dutch government. They were so happy and in love that days flew bye and never another thought was given to her departure.

On March 20th 1946, Guy and Dien were married at a small, quaint church with only her parents and family attending. Guy made sure the day was perfect. He hired a horse-drawn coach to be out front. It was grand and Dien's tears were of happiness. She had come through all of this war filled time ~ come out alive and found the man of her dreams.

They honeymooned in a in fine hotel in the Centrum of Amsterdam. He was treating her like a princess and she felt like one.

A week went by and the papers arrived.  Guy was told that he would have to be on the next ship out of Holland. Dien's paperwork had not come through, so she would have to come alone three months later. They spent every moment they could together, knowing he soon would be leaving.

The day came all to soon. When the ship pulled away from the docks, Dien sobbed and reached her hand to the ship, waving and calling his name. Guy waved frantically until he could not see her, til the water stretched for miles and the coastline was far from view.

For the next two months, Dien prepared to travel to a new world and a new begining. Her family had many discussions and in the end her father still was not convinced to let her go. He had signed the papers; but he was not willing to let her travel so far away. Would he see her again? Would they all ever see her? Dien's mother was in tears; and nearly every night Dien could hear her crying. This should be a time for happiness, yet the fear of the unknown and the great distance between her and her family crept into her soul.

The war was over, she had found her love and just now realized she was pregnant. She  wrote to Guy everyday and told him of the news .

The day was here it was time for Dien to leave and she became very afraid. What was this country Canada like? What was Guy's family like ~ his mother, his father? Guy sent pictures, but still her heart was in turmoil.

With all her belongings packed, they went to the docks. Tears streamed down everyones faces. Here and now, their daughter was leaving Holland. Barely able to focus through the tears, Dien climbed the long runway to the ships montrous decks and walked blindly to the rail to wave good bye to her family. Leaving was the most painful time Dien had experienced. The war could not compare to the heavy heart she had now. Waiting in the land far away was her love, the man she had married, the man that was the father of the child she now carried.

The questions stopped when the ship, carrying 400 war brides, could no longer see the shores of her beloved Holland. For days things were a blur. All she could think of was what lay ahead for this 19-year-old wife and mother to be.......

Many long years have passed ~46 years~ of sharing and raising a family and returning often to her Holland.

One is lost and the pain of that loss leaves the other in deep sadness..

Two words I have to say


stronger together .....than being apart.....

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