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Our family:

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NetNanny and Hubby

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Klein Meisje en Jongen in Volendam Holland

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Our daughter, Carrie, with David and Bailey

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Our son, Chris, with his wife, Maureen

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Our daughter, Cindy, and her family Carmen, Dave, Bryan and Cassie

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Grandkids: The "icing on our cake"

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Bryan is 14, captain of his Peewee Hockey team (98-99), enjoys competing in track and field, music (not nannybops favs *S*) skateboarding, and is an excellent student.Congrats!!! on Gr.8 Graduation. Good Luck in High School, "Bear".

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Cassandra is 4 1/2, soon to be 5, curly brown hair, perfect gorgeous smiles,a spunky determination. *S* Cassie is our little budding "Ballerina" graduating from J.K. (junior kindergarten) She has two pets *Gus & Cloe* (long-eared Bunny Wabbits) Gus and Cloe's pictures are here.

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Bailey is 5, long brown hair with a spirited imagination, loves singing, a sensitive loving "girlfriend". She is our little "modeling girl" graduating from J.K. She has a purrrr~fect "puddy-tat" named Ty-Nip. Ty-Nip's picture is here.

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