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Hi! It's me again and I'm running off at the keyboard again!! I have gotten a couple of years older and a little grayer but no other change has taken place! I hope you like this page as from the other? The only thing that has really changed is my boy'shave gotten bigger and so has the cost of living! HaHa... As it was from the last page I don't really have much to say to you. I think I will be on my way so I can finish this Homepage! So if you don't mind I will talk to you later Ok? See ya Soon!! Check out my next page!*click here* Please sign my guestbook on next page.

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Hi! It's me again thought I would step in for a few and run my mouth! So how do you like it so far?I hope it's Ok for ya? I have gotten to meet alot of people and it's been a *mawh* of a time if I might add. Well I think I will get back to it if you don't mind? So I'm off at it again!! See ya soon!! *bye*
Hi it's me again so how am I doing fine I hope!I thought I would pop back in to see what your a doing!! *smile* My oldest son play Hub football and they had there first game last night and won it! We are all glad he did to.He can be a pain when he lose's a game!!Now my other son he's a one man Comedy Show here take a look for yourself*click here*other then that he's a good kid!!Ok where was we Oh right! Like both of my boy's I was active in my younger years.The sport I liked and played the most was softball here is a pic of me before*a game*all three of us love to play baseball! And before I forget let me show you a pic of my oldest he's into high school football *my oldest* adoreable little shits huh? Well I have troubled you enough for now so it back to the drawing board. Hope to see you real soon! !*^^^*bye*^^^*!

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