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Paws and whiskers

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My baby Camille!  She has been with me for 6 years now.  She is partially blind and has some neurological setbacks, but she is the sweetest and prettiest kitty in the world!  I know you agree.
More about and pictures of Camille.......

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My friends, Merlin (on top) and Clawed.  They are brothers who were abandoned near my house.  Merlin has a good home with lots of animal friends (including horses!) Unfortunately, Clawed has disappeared but I have faith that with his incredibly affectionate personality that he found himself a loving home.

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Here is Clawed sleeping in my window box. Isn't he cute?

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Mitzi, my first kitty.  She lives with Peaches and my parents in NJ.   She is close to 18 years old and weighs in about that too! Peaches.  She used to have a pink nose and as she grew older it got so many little freckles that it turned black!  She purrs more than any cat I have ever met!


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Ok, I know this is a wierd looking cat!  No, this is my guinea pig, Nipper.  She lived to be 4 and then went to the Rainbow Bridge.  She had the neatest little personality, she loved to hang out in the garden to eat flowers and grass and sit in the sun.


New Arrivals!!!   This is Squirt and her new baby kitties!  When I heard from a coworker that she had kittens at her house, I just had to go over to take some pictures- they are so sweet.  I could have taken them all home with me if my husband would let me!! squirt and kittens2.jpg (77626 bytes)

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Paws and Whiskers
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Please don't declaw your cats!  How would you like it if someone cut off the first digits of your toes?  Their claws are actually part of their toe-bone,when your cat is declawed, not only their claws are removed but the complete first knuckle, which they need to walk on. Imagine trying to walk with the first toe knuckles removed from your feet!  Declawing is painful for them and totally unnecessary.  Please visit the Educate, Don't Amputate site for more info.

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Educate, Don't Amputate
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Jennifer Avery

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