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World War II Aircraft - Aircraft used by the Allied and Axis powers during WWII

This World War II aircraft website contains pictures, specifications, and descriptions of aircraft of the Allied and Axis powers during WWII. I completed this page for a school project, and I hope some find it useful; most United States aircraft are displayed.

Fighters/Fighter-Bombers of the United States

P-26 | P-35 |P-38 | P-39 | P-40 | P-43 | P-47D | P-51D* | P-59 | P-61 | P-63 | P-64 | F2A | F4F | F4U | F5F | F6F | F7F | F8F

Bombers/Attack Aircraft of the United States

A-20G | A-26 | TBD-1 | TBF | SBD | SB2C | B-17E* | B-24J | B-25 | B-26 | B-29A*

Allied Powers


Dewoitine D.520

Great Britain

Spitfire* | Hawker Hurricane



The Axis Powers


Ju.87 | Me.262A*




A6M5 Zero*

* A brief history included

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