Nurses Christian Fellowship Australia in South Australia is looking to the future and the development of a greater ministry to nurses. We would like to share that vision with you.


Christ has promised that where two or three meet together He will be present with them. Christian nurses have sought fellowship with fellow nurses throughout the history of modern nursing.




The first official interdenominational Christian fellowship amongst nurses in South Australia of which we have knowledge, operated under the name of the Australian Nurses Christian Movement (ANCM). An Adelaide branch of ANCM was founded in 1916 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and was affiliated with the Student Christian Movement.  The objects of ANCM were "To develop Bible study by the Study Circle Method amongst hospital nurses and to lead nurses through Bible study to become followers of Jesus Christ".


The Movement met regularly during the first few years and in 1930 a Rest Room for fellowship was opened for nurses in Epworth Building, the room being donated free of charge for six months by the Methodist Church. In August 1931 the Rest Room closed and the Movement was virtually disbanded. In February 1937 efforts were made by Sisters Jessie Richards and Jean Clarkson of the Memorial Hospital, with the support of the Matron, Mrs Hanton, to revive the Movement. A Council was formed in December of that year.


On the 4th January 1938 an office was opened at 175 North Terrace and the activities of the Movement were resumed. Three hundred people were present at the 5th Annual Meeting in 1943! Sister Jean Clarkson led this work for many years and continued her ministry as a friend to nurses long after she retired from her official position with ANCM.

Other Registered Nurses followed Jean Clarkson as staff workers, Thelma Hill, Barbara Glen, Rita Argent, Helga Meinel, Gwynfa Lang, Lorraine Douglas, and Viv Kitto, to name just a  few. In June 1971 the name of the Movement was changed to Nurses' Christian Fellowship Australia (S.A. Branch) when the ANCM joined an international fellowship of Christian nurses known as Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI). Later our local name changed again to the current Nurses Christian Fellowship Australia in South Australia.



There have been major and beneficial changes in the process of preparing men and women for the nursing profession. Nursing practice is constantly evolving along with scientific and medical developments. The complexity of nursing roles and the variety of care settings are exciting and challenging while making demands on the professional and personal life of nurses.


Registered nurses are educated in Universities and Enrolled nurses in TAFE Colleges. Therefore the lifestyle of student nurses has changed vastly over the past decades. Along with the demands for study time many have concerns about family needs, child care, finances, working part time and resulting fatigue. However, nursing is a wonderfully fulfilling vocation. For many Christians it is a calling and they carry out their work as a service to Christ.



The core values of NCFA in SA are evangelism, Christian  Fellowship, nurture in small groups, and education for Christian values. Nurses in the 21st Century need spiritual and emotional care as they can care for others. The Good News is that the wounded Jesus on the Cross is alive today and His wounding can make them whole human and spiritual beings.


The Gospel story is unchanging but the way we share the Gospel has changed  How we make opportunities to meet with nurses to tell them the Gospel story and to strengthen Christian nurses has changed. This is an ongoing process and nurses need to be supported and challenged in the time and place of their education and employment.


God has provided a pleasant office and meeting place at Kurralta Park. With the help of volunteers we are able to just maintain the basic operation of the ministry.  The NCFA in SA Council believes it is essential and urgent that we appoint a Pastoral Care Worker to continue to reach out to contemporary nurses with the life-giving and sustaining Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe this ministry to nurses is vital and that the Lord has graciously kept the Fellowship to this time in history for this reason.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and please contact us if you would like to become involved this ministry.


Nurses Christian Fellowship Australia in Sth Australia.

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