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Nursing: Yesterday and Today - The Christian Roots of  Nursing     


Complementary Therapies in Nursing Practice


Spiritual Care in Nursing Practice Today


Healing the Whole Person: the Spiritual Dimension


Journal of Christian Nursing (USA)


NCF Resources for Nurses




Nurses Christian Fellowship International

NCFI links Christian nurses worldwide This site provides information about regional and world conferences, and contains links to NCFI member countries.


Nurses Christian Fellowship NSW

News and information about professional seminars and workshops, conferences,  groups and resources provided by NCFA in NSW.


Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia  (CMDFA Inc)

 CMDFA has recently established a new organisation, HealthServe Australia Inc to be an umbrella group for Christian Aid work for Australia working in the health field. To find out more visit:


Partners-Helping Refugees Help themselves


This International Organisation's Mission is to demonstrate God's love to victims of oppression  and natural disaster by means of four main  ways : Relief aid, Development Projects, Assistance to Marginalised people, Capacity Building.


For further details visit  









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Phone: 03 9578 1600


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