Nurses Christian Fellowship Australia


In 1913, with a committee of eight people gathering at the Royal Melbourne hospital, the Nurses Christian Movement was first established.  In 1919 Miss Fanny Collett was appointed as Travelling Secretary in an endeavour to establish NCM’s in other Metropolitan and Country Hospitals.  By August 1921 there were twenty one weekly Bible study groups  In the following year Miss Collett visited NSW, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland to encourage the commencement of  branches in  those States.  It was from this time that the national ministry among nurses began to develop, commencing in NSW in 1922 and Queensland a few years later.  It then became the Australian Nurses Christian Movement.  

Once ANCM had been established in each of the mainland States there was a more formal  coming together of the State Branches. A  Federal Constitution adopted by mutual consent in 1928 gave State Branches a common aim and  doctrinal   basis but allowed for freedom in the way the aim was fulfilled. The NCFA Council is representative of the States, comprising President and Senior Staff worker from each Branch, plus an Honorary Treasurer and Secretary.  In 1970 the name was changed to Nurses Christian Fellowship.

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The first Nurses Christian Movement Committee

Miss Fanny Collett in later years       First staff worker for Nurse Christian Fellowship (formerly ANCM)

Currently there are no NCF Branches in Queensland or Western Australia.  Nurses from those States may become members of NCF Australia and receive news of NCF conferences and other events in Australia and overseas.

A reunion of nurses from  the former     NCF Branch in Queensland