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27 September to 1 October, 2010

at the National Women’s Education Centre, Japan


A conference designed to:

· enable participants to receive spiritual care from the Lord Jesus through the Word, inner healing, and each other

· develop a plan of programs and activities for the region to pursue

· enrich each other through exchange of NCF best  practices, and quality time together.


Program Topics

· Expositions from Esther, on the theme Nursing as a Calling

· Leadership training with three tracks:  Spiritual Care Through Wholeness and Inner Healing, Mapping NCF’s Future in the PACEA Region, Leadership Shepherd Skills.

· Evening programs on Best Practices from the Region

· Business Meeting with reports highlighting  activities and finances of the PACEA region

· Plus an afternoon in Tokyo


Six delegates will be accepted from each country in the PACEA Region.

Contact your State Branch for further details

From the early decades of this century, nurses in various countries have been meeting together for Christian teaching and support. The earliest known NCF was formed in Australia in 1913.  It was the vision of a Scottish nurse and the desire of existing fellowships that brought about the formation of NCF International in 1957

Today NCFI links nurses at all levels in all areas of the nursing profession through a growing number of member fellowships while maintaining contact with nurses in over 100 non-member countries.

World conferences are held every four years.  In September 2008 a world conference will be held in Nigeria.  Visit the NCFI web site for further details.

NCFI is divided into a number of regions.  Australia is part of the Pacific and East Asia Region which was the first region formed in 1970.  Regional conferences are held every four years, the last one being in Singapore 2006. 

Other member countries in our region are: Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Japan. Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.