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Each four years  the Regions of NCFI conduct a conference for nurses in the region.  The last PACEA Conference was held in Japan, September 27 - October 1, 2010 and attended by 13 countries from the Pacific and East Asia




27 September to 1 October, 2010

at the National Women’s Education Centre (NWEC)


728 Sugaya Ranzan-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama, Japan 355-0292

TEL: +81-493-62-6723   FAX: +81-493-62-6720


TEL 0493-62-6711 (switchboard) e-mail:


The conference was designed to enable participants to:

·  consider a Biblical model of leadership  that can be applied in nursing and in NCF ministry.

· develop skills to enable the outworking of leadership theory and principles

· reflect on the foundations of our faith as a basis for Christian ministry.

· Developing strategies for NCF ministry nationally and regionally

· Understand and adapt NCFI’s leadership development framework to national NCFs

· receive spiritual care from God’s Word, worship and fellow nurses.


Program Topics

· Bible Expositions from John’s Gospel, Chapter 15.   Being God's disciple (John 15:1-8) - Remaining in love and joy (John 15: 9-11) - Bearing much fruit in ministry (John 15: 12-17)   

· Vision & Mission of NCF... Overview of NCFI Strategies

· Christian Leadership in Nursing.

· Workshops on practical aspects of Leadership in NCF

· The Ministry of Spiritual Care among Nurses

· Evening programs on Best Practices from the Region

· Plus an afternoon in Tokyo, and Japanese Tea Ceremony.


Conference Speakers were:


Rev Dr. Masanobu Endo, Senior Pastor at Kodaira Bible Church in Tokyo. He is also Professor of New Testament at Japan Bible Seminary. He studied philosophy and theology in Japan, at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, (USA) and at University of St. Andrews (UK) for his PhD.

Dr Esther Chelliah, a member of the pastoral care ministry at Wesley Methodist Church in Singapore. Esther has been in fulltime Christian service since 1979.  She is also an adjunct lecturer on Christian leadership at Bethany International University.

Dr. Susan Mary Allen is presently the Dean, School of Health, University of Northampton.  Sue is a member of the NCF International Board and the European Board. She is also the coordinator of the International Leadership Program of NCFI. 

In addition to the plenary sessions, a series of workshops on leadership theory and skills will be presented by Dr Sue Allen (UK) and Margaret Hutchison (Australia).


Speakers on “Best Practices in the Region”

Dr. Lee Won Hee (Korea), Alicia Banas( Philippines) Ng Kim Choo ( Singapore),

Margaret Hutchison, (Australia), Rachel Fung (Hong Kong) and others.






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