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Last year my daughter shared a book with me that she found very helpful in her walk with God.  it is entitled "Holy Sweat" by Tim Hansel.  The following quote is from his book. "Paul Brand said, He is asking us to be chief image bearers of his likeness in this world. As his Spirit he remains invisible on this planet. He relies on us to give flesh to his Spirit, to bear the very image of God."

As Christians we know that our basic identity is in Christ.  But I don't think we stop enough to consider what this really means. We are more inclined to dwell on what we do and who we are, the urgent and the superficial.   Our identity in Christ is once and for all established when we put our faith in him. Yet many of us don't consciously dwell on the profound reality.  We simply go about living our lives, rather than thinking about our significance in Christ, Thus blinding us from knowing who we truly are.  This sense of identity and security in Christ is developed as we spend time with him in prayer, offer our conscious praise to him and give him credit for all we are and have.   The more of his Word we put into our lives, the more aware we become that he is our prime motivator.  When we simply take him at his word, we find he is utterly trustworthy, and he creates opportunities for his Spirit to be manifested in our lives and work.

of my life where no one else goes.   How did I measure up when it came to my public life in the community, workplace and church?  I can be consumed by God in the privacy of my own home, but the moment I step outside I'm consumed by my role in society, the workplace socially etc, and God seems to occupy the back burner as it were.

As I asked God to help me to get to know him better I realised that unless I lived every area of my life in obedience to him, my knowledge of him was going to be incomplete and mediocre. I prayed that I would be consumed by him and not my work and that I would be Christ to everyone I meet during the course of the day and they would be "Christ" to me.  I discovered that my attitude of worship and giving God the glory was enhanced as  I committed each and every person and circumstance of every day to  him.

Work and worship became like two blades of a scissors, one was useless and meaningless without the other.

The quality of my work did not change, nor did my dedication to it, but what changed was how I reacted to the daily grind, the crises, the interruptions, the disap-pointments.  The way I prayed for and treated people changed.  I realised that there were some people I never ever prayed for them though I saw them and dealt with them

every day of my life. That quickly changed. God did something in me I never thought possible after so many years of doing the same thing.  I looked forward to each new day as an adventure with him.  He gave me so many opportunities to minister, to share my faith, to give a reason for the hope that was within me, to lift burdens and encourage. I was made wiser, richer and stronger for it.

Don't get me wrong, I failed and fell many times, but I want to tell you that if you truly want to impact people, if you are bored with the humdrum routines of your job, if the circumstances and people in your workplace are 'getting to you', start to have an attitude of worship in every hour of your life and watch how things change.  God will bless and reward you abundantly.  God can take something routine and dull and use it as a platform on which to do his significant work.  People watch us carefully and begin to see the difference.  They begin to see that we have something they don't have and this opens the doors for communicating God's love to them.

Kamilini Kumar, RN, MA is a Nurse  Educator with more than 28 years teaching experience.  She currently lives and works in Clinton Iowa, USA.

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