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When the lights go down...

Apart from being a fabulous series of books, the Lord of the Rings series is being made into a trilogy of movies.  Of course, you would have to be living under a rock not to know this.  The news has been everywhere, premieres televised on the news, and paraphernalia sold everywhere.  The cast includes:
Aragorn~Viggo Mortensen
Arwen Undomiel~Liv Tyler
Bilbo Baggins~Ian Holm
Boromir~Sean Bean
Elrond~Hugo Weaving
Frodo Baggins~Elijah Wood
Galadriel~Cate Blanchett
Gimli~John Rhys-Davies
Gandalf~ Sir Ian McEllen
Legolas~Orlando Bloom
Meriadoc Brandybuck~Dominic Monaghan
Peregrin Took~Billy Boyd
Samwise Gamgee~Sean Astin

The Fellowship of the Ring
(2001; Peter Jackson, director)


In this film, Elijah Wood's portrayal of Frodo Baggins was convincing and provoking.  The sympathy that simply his eyes evoke from you is enough to make you stare at the screen openmouthed and expectant for the next emotion to shine through.  The movie, overall, strayed quite far from the original plot.  The willow and Tom Bombadil were left out all thogether.  This did not, however, detract too much from the movie itself, that is, unless, you're nitpicky :) 
Review by Waenrantiel