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These MissingNOs (Ghost, Kabutops-Skeleton, Aerodactyl-Skeleton) have strange abilities. I'll list every one of them I know, and how to get it in each version (Red/Blue and Yellow)

Red/Blue Version Pics

Yellow Version Pics

These Pokemons' known abilities (note: "Fuzz" refers to the backwards L shape MissingNO) (and you thought abilities weren't existent until R/S!) are:

  1. Imagine a variable that is filled with a Pokemon (its type and attacks.) This is the variable that the attacks and type of the Ghost/Skeleton MissingNOs are derived from. This variable is overwritten by:

The last Pokemon that made a move in a battle. For example, if your Mewtwo made the last move in a battle, then the next Ghost/Skeleton MissingNO would have Mewtwo's starting moves.

The last Pokemon in your party. For example, if you replaced your last Pokemon with Rhydon, then the next Ghost/Skeleton MissingNO would have Rhydon's starting moves.

The last Pokemon you've seen in the Hall of Fame. For example, when the last Pokemon I saw in the HoF was a glitched Vulpix, the next G/S (Ghost/Skeleton) MissingNO had Ember and Tail Whip, like Vulpix (You can get randomized Pokemon from MissingNO encounters in Hall of Fame. Experiment!).

The last Pokemon you've seen in the Pokedex.

  1. (continued) This variable is overwritten every time one of the above happens. Basically, if the G/S MissingNO is caught, the variable is once again overwritten with your Pokemon, meaning the starting attacks will be of the Pokemon you used in the battle, not the Pokemon the variable last had. To get around this use a G/S MissingNO at the front of your party (or the Pokemon whose moves you want to duplicate (Ditto and Mew would be good choices))

  2. While in your party, the type of the G/S MissingNOs all correspond to the type of the last Pokemon in your party. 

  3. Its level and Stats change every time it gets enough experience points. For example, it may be at Level 100, then drop down to Level 83, then rise up to Level 91, etc. Also, its Stats will change every time the level changes, so at one moment Speed & Special may be the highest, but then a level change and wham, its Attack and Defense are higher.

Here are the ways to get this Pokemon:

  1. (RB Only): Start over, using the letters "w" (lowercase, for Kabutops skeleton,) "x" (lowercase, for Aerodactyl skeleton,) or "y" (lowercase, for Ghost) in the 3rd, 5th, and 7th spaces in your name. For example: : the name "Billy" (note: the 3rd and 5th letters are underlined) will get you a ghost MissingNO. The name "Glitchy" will also get you a ghost MissingNO. Then, talk to the old man in Viridian, and fly to Cinnibar. You will find MissingNOs corresponding to the name you entered. Note: calling yourself "Zowayix" will get you all types of MissingNOs. "Vox" gets you an Aerodactyl fossil.

  2. (RBY): Follow the steps necessary to capture PkMn, .4, A, pPkMnp, or X - x, only use a Pokemon with a Special of 182 (for Kabutops skeleton), 183 (for  Aerodactyl skeleton), or 184 (for Ghost). This MissingNO, unlike the regular Yellow Version MissingNO, is safe to battle and capture.

Last edited by the professor: Friday, May 14, 2004