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Chapter 1: The Beginning

A large glass tank bubbled and glowed in the corner of the room. The figure of a young girl, at about the age of fifteen, floated inside the bubbling liquid. She wore a short, light green dress, which matched her dark green hair and emerald eyes. Wires dangled from her body. A male doctor hung over a desk littered with papers. A woman entered from the opposite side of the room.
"Doctor, they are waiting for you in the board room." The doctor showed no signs of movement, his eyes fixed on the mess before him.
"...Doctor?" The women walked up to his desk. Her blue eyes eyed him curiously.
"...I can't believe it is already here. After so many years of dreams, we have finally made the perfect android."
"But doctor, we have made another successful android before her, and it is living peacefully among a human family. It doesn't even know what it is."
"Yes, but this one has her own mind, her own personality, her own curiosity. She has the ability to love. The only thing keeping her from being human is the fact that she was man-made." The women smiled.
"I'm sure the board will love her. They can't shut you down after they've seen what you've created!" The doctor looked up at her.
"I hope so Marie, I hope so." He looked down at his wristwatch. He mumbled as he picked up a couple of papers. "We better get going, we don't want to keep them waiting." Marie turned and headed out the door while the doctor followed. He took one last glance at his creation and left.

Marie and the doctor entered the dark boardroom. One chair at the end of the table remained empty. The shadowy figures of the board members stared at the doctor as he took his place in the empty chair.
"Doctor John Heraz," the figure at the other end of the table spoke, "you have spent most of your life creating these androids. You have created two successful androids in your career," John grinned slightly, and placed his chin on his crossed hands. Marie, standing by the door grinned also. "But I am afraid to say that the board has decided to terminate your operation." John raised his head, a look of shock and terror on his face. Marie was as equally terrified.
"...But sir, this android is perfect! She is fully capable of doing what any human is able to do, even better-"
"Which is exactly why we have to close you down." another board member interrupted. "If this android can learn, it might learn the wrong things. It could destroy us all. It's too dangerous to keep funding such an experiment. To many things can go wrong."
"But sir, you can't do this!" Marie said, walking up to the table.
"Sure I can." The head of the board glanced over to Marie and then back to John. "I'm sorry, John. You have two hours to gather your things, I will send down some men to destroy the android."
"Yes sir..." His eyes lowered. "But sir... I wish to destroy the android. She is my creation, I will take care of it."
"Fine, but remember," He raised his hand holding up two fingers. "Two hours." John nodded.
"Yes sir." He picked up his papers and walked out the door, Marie following.
"Doctor, why do you want to destroy her? Wouldn't it be easier to have someone else do it?" Marie looked at him curiously. She knew him; he wouldn't be able to destroy her.
"Yes, it would be, but I'm not going to destroy her." John stopped and pointed down a corridor. "Go get Cain, we are going to move the android to somewhere where no one will find her." Marie looked into his eyes. His eyes shimmered softly.
"...Yes doctor." She hurried off down the corridor.

John rushed into the room and ran to the control panel next to the bubbling tank. He pressed a couple buttons and the liquid drained from the tank, leaving the body of his creation on the bottom of the tank. He pressed another button and the door to the tank opened. He ran over to it and picked up the body of the android in his arms. At that moment, Marie and a man by the name of Cain ran into the room. John handed the body to Cain. John rushed over to his desk and picked up many papers.
“Follow me.” John ran out the door followed by Cain and Marie.

John hopped into the driver’s seat of the van. Marie jumped into the opposite seat and closed the door while Cain with the android in his arms jumped into the back. John turned the key and drove off.

About an hour later, they found themselves in the middle of a forest. John stopped the van and looked at his surroundings. Perfect. He opened the door and hopped out onto the ground. The worker and Marie jumped out also. John pointed to a tree.
"Put her there." Cain nodded and lay the body up against a tree. Marie nodded.
"I guess it's time to go." They turned and jumped back into the van. John stayed standing there, looking at the body of his creation. He took out a pen and a piece of paper and scribbled down something.
"John! Common!" John looked back at Marie and nodded. He lay the piece of paper on the ground next to the android. He took one last look at her. She was truly perfect. He turned towards the van and took one last look at her.
"Good bye... Dawn..." He ran over to the other side of the van and got in. They drove off into the darkness of the forest, leaving the android, Dawn, not knowing that in a couple of hours, she would awaken, and her journey to find herself would begin.

©2002 by Reenee, all rights reserved
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