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Chapter 2: Who am I?

Through the darkness of the forest, rays of morning light shot through the leaves. Everything was normal, but one thing was different. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at surroundings. Where was she? Who was she? She looked around and noticed a piece of paper on the ground beside her. She reached out for it and took it in her hand. She was so tired. The word were blurry, it was hard to read. But she figured it to say:

Your name is Dawn and you are special. I know it is hard not knowing who you are, but all you need to know now is that you are different. There is a small town near where you are, go there. Look for a boy named Mir; he can help you. I hope that we will meet someday, Dawn. But until then, good-bye.

Doctor John Heraz

She read it over and over, not sure what it meant. All she knew about herself now was that her name was Dawn, she was tired and that she had green hair. She tucked a strand of her dark green hair behind her ear. She placed her hands on the ground and pushed herself to her feet. She took a deep breath and started her way through the forest. She felt awkward and constantly had to balance herself against trees. She was so tired, she had to rest, but not yet, she wanted to go a little farther. She kept going until she found herself at the edge a cliff. Her legs collapsed under her and she lay on the ground, panting. She closed her eyes and rested. After a couple of minutes she opened her eyes and rolled to her side to look off the edge of the cliff. She gasped and brought herself to her knees. At the bottom of the cliff was a small town. She was so close, she couldn’t stop now. She struggled to her feet and tried to walk. She stumbled and fell down the cliff. She screamed and shut her eyes tight, waiting for the end to come.

She felt herself wake up, but her eyes were still closed. Was this the end? Not even knowing who she was, her life was at an end? She had to open her eyes slowly to find herself staring at a white ceiling. She looked over at her surroundings. She was in a bed, a very comfortable one at that. Beside the bed there was a small table with a vase of flowers on it. Dawn sat up and touched a flower.
“Rose…” She mumbled.
“That’s right!” Dawn looked at the man who opened the door. He sat in a chair next to the bed and took out a clipboard. “Ok, I’m going to ask you a few questions. You took a nasty fall, I’m going to make sure it didn’t give you any sort of brain damage.” He looked over at her and smiled. Dawn reached up and touched her forehead. The feeling of a rough bandage came to her fingertips. She nodded.
“Ok, first question. What year is it?” She stared blankly at the bed sheets.
“Um… 2030?”
“Correct! Next, where are we?” She didn’t know, she had never been there before, but the answer just came into her head.
“…A hospital?”
“Good! Now these questions are really just for us to find out a little about you. Why are you here?”
“To find a boy named Mir.” There was a silence. Dawn looked up at the man. He was staring blankly at her. “…What?” He shook his head.
“Nothing. Alright, what is your name?”
“My name is Dawn.”
“Who are your parents?” Dawn fell silent and looked away.
“I… I don’t know…” The man just stared at her.
“…You don’t know? Who took care of you all your life?”
“I don’t know.”
“Do you know anything about your past?”
“But how do you know the year?”
“I don’t know.” The man just stared at her.
“How did you know Mir was here?” She opened her mouth to speak but then she closed it. It would be better now to show him the letter.
“Um… someone told me that he could help me. Do you know where he is?”
“I think you should rest.” The man got up and headed towards the door.
“No, tell me, I need to speak with him!” She looked at him; she could feel tears swelling up in her eyes. He chuckled.
“You have very pretty green eyes, you know that?”
“So that’s what colour they are…” The man stared at her again.
“Alright, I’ll bring you to him, come with me.” He walked out the door. Dawn hurried out of bed and followed him. She noticed she was still in her short green dress with the red trimming. She liked this dress. It was the only thing from her past. She thought about what her past was like as the man led her threw the twisting hallways of the hospital.

©2002 by Reenee, all rights reserved
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