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Daisy Chart


Common Name


Color, Flower Size

Bloom Time

African daisy
Arctotis x hybrida
18"-20" white, yellow, orange,pink red, purple; 3" flower summer
Blue daisy
Felicia amelloides
12"-24"soft blue w/yellow eye; 3/4"-2" flowersummer-fall
English or common daisy
bellis perennis
6"-8"white, pink, red w/yellow eye; 1"-2" flowerspring
Dahlberg daisy
dyssodia tenuiloba
12"golden w/golden eye; 1/2" flowersummer-fall
Gerbera daisy
gerbera jamesonii
12"-18" yellow, gold, orange, red-brown w/dark brown eye; 4"-6" flower summer-fall
Giant daisy
chrysanthemum uliginosum
48"-60"white w/green eye; 2"-3" flowersummer-early fall
Gloriosa daisy
rudbeckia hirta
10"-36" yellow, orange, red w/contrasting eyes; 3"-6" flower summer-fall (longer in a frost-free area)

Livingstone daisy
dorotheanthus bellidiformis
4"-6" white, crimson, gold, yellow, pink w/dark red eye; 1-1/2" flower summer
chrysanthemum frutescens
36" white, yellow, pink w/yellow eye; 1-1/2"-2-1/2" flower summer
Medallion daisy
melampodium paludosum
2"-6" yellow w/yellow eye; 1" flower summer-fall
Michaelmas daisy
aster novi-belgii
48" violet w/yellow eye; 1-1/2"-2" flower late summer-fall
Montauk daisy
chrysanthemum nipponicum
30" white w/green eye; 2"-3" flower late summer-fall
Orange daisy
erigeron aurantiacus
9"-12" scarlet-orange w/green eye; 1"-2" flower summer
Painted daisy
chrysanthemum coccineum
15"-30" white or red w/yellow eye; 3" flower early summer
Shasta daisy
chrysanthemum x superbum
12"-36" white w/yellow eye; 2"-3" flower summer
Swan River daisy
brachyscome iberidifolia
10"-15" white, purple, blue w/black eye; 1" flower summer-fall
Information gathered from Family Circle.
Special thanks to Thom for the music.
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