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The Nibbs Family

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I sincerely apologize for not updating the site as much as I would like to. Please stay tuned for updates. Thank you!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!!! 
You've just opened the door to a very exciting experience.  After all the planning, headaches, stress and everything else, we were able to have a very enjoyable Family Reunion.   We've all made new friends and we've learned new things about our family.  What a better way to keep in contact with our new acquaintances than the Family Website.  Now, you'll be able to email folks, wish them a Happy Birthday, give them a call, or even drop by for a visit.  Remember, information will be added and updated so be sure to check back often.  Be sure to sign the guestbook before you leave so that we will know who has been here.

Kedimone Rubaine

Minutes from the last meeting


The personal information used in this website was taken directly from the family directory "The Sandbox Tree" written by Janet Smith (Daughter of Cheddena).