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In the Twilight

The stars sparkle with the magic of your eyes
The night wind caresses my face with the gentleness of your touch
And the warm, fragrant air is sweet like the taste of passion

We lay in the dew kissed grass,
Holding each other tighter with each fleeting moment as if to ward off the sun,
And share together this endless night

The moon shines with the brightness of the sun and as our lips touch, I feel as though I've been carried away into an ocean of starlight
All too quickly, the night passes, and the scorching sun begins to rise

Our lips press together and we share one last embrace
Only to meet again, when the sunlight has faded and, the moon reigns in the sky

Losing Myself

Would you miss me if I never returned, if I slipped away into a world of dreams?
Would you love me if I lost my soul?

I'll miss you when I'm gone.
My heart will ache
But my soul will feel no pain because it's slipping, it's fading away
Have you ever felt the pain of a dying soul?
It's like your insides are being pulled out gently, so gently that you don't realize how hollow you've become until it's far too late

Memories once rich with taste are now bland and flavorless
I long to remember the warmth your embrace... the feel of your kiss
I may not remember you when I'm gone but my love will remain with you for always
So please... remember me if I can't remember you

The Prisoner

With a knife to my throat
And bars across my heart I am forced to make a decision
The sweat burns like acid as it drips into my eyes
With each passing minute I grow years older
He pushes the knife harder and harder against my skin
It cuts with the sharp pain of a thousand deaths
But I will not speak
I feel the blood trickle down the chin
It glides down my neck, falling softly upon my sweat soaked chest
But I will not speak
I would rather be defiled here today and give my life
Than speak, and bear witness to the death of my comrades
The tension is growing thick
Each breath I take grows shorter and shorter
Death lurks in the musty air
I am offered a cowards salvation one last time
But I will not speak
For while life is finite, my honor is timeless

The Kiss

Your eyes have powers like no other
They pull me in so close
Close enough to touch my coveted desire
I want to feel your lips pressed against mine
I want to touch your skin and hold you close

I love the way you make me feel
My heart swells and overflows
Every cell in my body longs for your sexy, wet lips to touch mine

Please, make this pain end
Take my hand,
Hold me close
Give me my passion

Touch your lips to mine
Run your hands down my body
Gently but firm, never let me go


Im alone clinging to a frozen heart
Someone cries, "Please, I'm standing here, let love in"
I want anything
I refuse everything

Wrap me in your arms
Hold my hand tonight

Get Over It - Song Lyrics

Do you feel your shame?
A dishonor
Have you no loyalty?
You cry alone and pray to nothing
Stupid fool
Your misery is your own
Surrounding you
Filling you
Drowning you

Have you no heart?
Youre lost and confused
There is no help for lose like you
Blinded by your presumed reality
Suffer in your self-pity and loneliness
The pain you hold is yours alone

And filled with agony
Blood pumping heart enraged
But no outlet for all this pain
You fuck up!
Youre nothing but a worthless, self-righteous, blind teenager

Pain - Song Lyrics

I want you to feel my pain
Step into my shoes
Lets take a walk
Do you feel that thorn?

Can you feel that pain?
Does you heart ache?
Is your soul screaming?

I want you to feel this pain
A thousand broken hearts
Oceans of torment and seas of suffering
You fear the fires of hell
They live within me

I want you to know this feeling
Step into my shoes
Lets take a walk
Not too much room to breathe
Do you see the path on which I walk?
Rocky and wooded
Can you see the way?

Feel my pain
Can you sense the confusion?
Feel my pain
Judge me a little more
Feel my pain
Because you havent felt suffering

Falling Into You, Falling Into Love

Im standing on the ledge
One step and Im yours
One step and Im lost
Im clinging to nothingness
-Im clinging to something that I cant hold on it
Trembling hands reach out for love
While a frozen heart refuses to let it in

I thought my heart was strong
'I can endure anything'
Or so I thought

My heart cries for someone to want it
For someone to love it
For someone to fill it

Im standing on the ledge
And I want to be with you
One more step - Ill be with love
One more step the emptiness gone

Im standing on this ledge here
Help me step into your arms
Because I cant do it alone
Please say youll take my hand
And never let me fall


Maybe I was all wrong
Maybe love isnt what I thought
Maybe, maybe I can love you forever
Maybe I can love someone else too
If its really love you can never lose it
Did we lose it?
If one person is still holding on - was it love?
I was so sure of this
Maybe I was wrong
Maybe it wasnt love
But -
My heart,
My soul,
My heart and my soul
They keep telling me it was
My soul is still clinging to yours
And my heart is still waiting for you to return
Each day my thoughts are filled with our memories
Each day I ask myself the same painful and answerless questions
Do you remember when we
Do you think of my kiss...
Do you still love me?
Because, you told me.
You said you would always be there for me
I believed you
I loved you so very much that if you told me,
If you told me the sky had turned purple and it was raining diamonds
I would have ran outside and held my hands up to the sky
But maybe I was just a fool
Maybe I was too na´ve to see
Too na´ve to see that maybe love isnt forever
Too na´ve to see that people do change
Maybe love is trust
Trust can be broken
Maybe love can too

I Wish

Co-written with Brendan Bernard

I just wish that we could get rid of everything else in the world
No more faults
No more desires
My perfect world would be my heart and soul along side your heart and soul
No distractions
I just want to love you with nothing holding me back,
I just want to hold you and pour my heart into yours until it over flows
If I could never look at your earthly being again I wouldn't shed one tear
All I want
Is to love you
The you that set with the warm summer sun
And gave way to the never ending night in which I live

A Gift From Above

True love is love that never dies.
True love is love that last for years and is always there to keep you going.
Love is the fire under the kettle that keeps the water boiling,
It is the torch that leads you through the dark night
And guides you along the seemingly endless and winding path to dawn.
Love is truth, mercy and kindness.
Love fills you up and never lets you down.
It is the certain and steady factor in life.
True love is always there.
A person can never love enough nor receive enough love.
Love is a well spring of salvation.
It brings peace to those in turmoil,
Strength to those who are weak,
Hope to the hopeless and guidance to those who are lost.
True love is the strongest force on this great Earth and is stronger than any force in the heavens.
True love can be found in one place,
Your heart.

This is my short story so it gets it's own little box

My Dear Marie

Normandy France
July 19, 1944

My Dear Marie,

I miss you so very much. I hope that all is well in the States. Ive been doing alright. Its terribly dreary here in France. I wish I could have spent my 20th birthday at home in your arms. Instead, I spent my night dodging bullets in the cold rain. I cant wait to return home. The war is horrible. Its far worse than anything you would ever imagine. Nothing feels worse than taking the life of another man. I fear I will never be the same. How can a man ever forget what it feels like to take the breath of life from another? I cant sleep at night. My thoughts are filled with the screams of dying men and the taste of your kisses. Before we became involved with this godforsaken war, I was able to close my eyes and dream of you. I was able to relax and be happy. There is no time for dreaming here. Those who are willing to relax are those who are willing to die. The other night I was awoken from my sleep by a terrible nightmare. I saw the face of the first man I killed, and behind his face, I saw his wife and children weeping. Shortly after I regained composure, I heard the voice of a German commander. I quickly alerted my platoon leader and we retreated so that we could regroup. I dont know why but there is a certain amount of stillness in complete chaos. Its like the world is spinning and spinning so fast that everything just stops. I could see the men running for cover and I could hear the Germans yelling but for a split second, it wasnt real. For just a split second it was as if I were watching a silent movie in slow motion. I could see the bullets as they pierced through the hearts of my brothers. Their faces were filled with pain and I could feel their hearts cry out. Unfortunately, what I was seeing was very real. I dont know how long I stood there watching soldiers fall to the blood stained ground before I too was shot. The last thing I remember from that night was the taste of blood on my lips and the feeling of rain on my forehead.
Marie, I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart. Nothing in this world will stop me from loving you. You have given my life meaning. I hate this war. I hate the Germans. Why must all these dreadful things keep me from the one I love the most? Why must I be separated from that which completes me? Please, dont forget me. When you dream at night, dream of me. For not even death will stop me from loving you. I will always be with you and I will never forget the taste of your kiss or the sound of your voice when you told me you loved me

Forever Yours,

Dear Marie,

My name is Charles Smith. I was a member of James platoon. The letter you have just read was written from the war front. James had been mortally wounded in battle and only lasted a few hours while we waited for reinforcements. Although he was extraordinarily delirious, he asked me to write his words down so that I might give them to you. As a friend of James, I regret having to be the one who informs you of this terrible news. James was a good man and loved you dearly. I am terribly sorry about your loss.

Charles Smith


"If it's really love, you can never lose it"- Jen Valentino