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Silent is Our Love

Walking along the road, with the sand kicking up behind me, I thought of you..
It was cold out, but I could still feel your warmth
the memory of your arms around me. There was a breeze, like your breath upon my
I walked farther, I could almost feel your hand in mine
I could almost hear you whispering in my ear
The smile on your face, right before you kiss me
The touch of your finger tips upon my own, the dream I feel I am always in,
falling in and out of love with you, catching the moments and hanging them on
the wall...hanging them up like the perfect picture you painted for me,
happy endings turning into happy days and nights,
lasting forever as the kiss you mounted on my lips,
full of nothing but an honest, true love,
light faded as I faded into you.

To Really Look at Him

She looks at him as though she knows him
like they've had long conversations and know each others deep down secrets
She looks at him like the kind of person she can turn to
When shes had a bad day, he'll know how to make her feel better...
She looks at him like a part of her
She looks at him like a person she has spent every day with
She looks at him, but says nothing
She looks at herself like she is stupid
She looks at herself like she is unworthy
She doesn't really look
She looks but doesn't know-he could be something else
She doesn't know what she's looking for or what he is
Maybe thats the way it should stay
Maybe she'll go out on a whim
Until she opens the doors
To really look at him

Autumn Moss

"Allow your heart not to listen to reason, for a broken heart heals only on its own terms, not on previous mistakes of the mind." - Autumn