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I tried so hard to stay innocent
I ignored your dilemmas and your problems
I was inhuman in keeping you away
I now see it was me who is impure
I lack the basic foundation of humanity
I lack the ability to care
I have grown jaded to the world outside
I hoped to remain the exception
I wished to be the one untainted
I thought the world would chew me up
I was na´ve
I thought Id seen the light through my bedroom window
I had everything figured out
I was wrong not to try
I was wrong not to care
I now pay the price for my foolishness

Song of Truth

If I had just one thing
If I had anything
Id trade it for the chance to be the
Center of your day
If I just had the time
Hell, I would make the time
To gather up the light in order
To better light your way

You fill the narrow space between my heart and mind
I think of ways to improve life and see you every time
If you ever doubt your purpose or your reason
Remember I will love you for as long as I am breathing

If I had just one wish
A chance at happiness
Id want a piece of your heart where my
Feelings could reside
If I could say one thing
Id say it truthfully
For my actions may deceive you but
My heart wont let me lie

Where You Are

My love
I cant see you
Is there darkness where you are?
Need my eyes to better guide you?
My love
I cant hear you
Is it silent where you are?
Need me to tell you I love you?
My love
I cant feel you
Is it too cold where you are?
Need my loving arms to hold you?
My love
I cant please you
Is there passion where you are?
Need me to come there to kiss you?
My love
I cant join you
Is it lonely where you are?
Need my presence to comfort you?
My love
I cant help you
Is it too hard where you are?
Need me to come and rescue you?


Love me
Im someone you cant have
Watch me
Im someone you see every day
Ignore me
Im someone who talks to you
Fear me
Im someone you hate
Want me
Im someone youve fantasized about
Challenge me
Im someone who always wins
Worship me
Im someone you respect
Kiss me
Im someone close to you
Keep me
Im someone youll never lose

Colored in White

Am I talking?
Cant you hear me?
Im beginning to doubt,
Im even here at all
Nobody listens
No one cares
What have I said?
Said that was wrong
Why do you doubt me?
Havent I a chance?
Cant I win your trust?
If you think that I will fail you,
Then why are you here?
You hold my heart
And in return give hope
But thats all it is!
It is possible I can win
But thats on you
I've nothing left to prove
No more things to say
Maybe one day you will find me
And see Ive been here all along
Until you notice,
It is by your side Ill stay

Cody MacLeod

"Don't make love, be in love and make it forever" - Cody