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Soft, the whipsers flow
between the leaves and blades of grass
caress the river's heart
and echos in the vally of the soul
sweet melodie, sung by the birds
and chanted by the fairies
expose the pale spring moon
hidden by the shadows of the night

On Clear Nights

On clear nights,
have you ever listend for the stars?
an everchanging symphony of the universe
singing the melodies that exist in our auras
bound my the spirit of nature as the maestro
every living thing is one of many artists
every drea, prayer, and meditation
all seew notes in the song of the stars
Live yor live and sing with us
When you live, happy or sad, your soul will always sing

About Life

Yesterday i stood on the shores of that beach
watching the sand, while keeping out of the water's reach
That wide, blue ocean had such a strange appeal
yet i never could have guessed it could change the way i feel
But i was naive, and knew so little of the waves
so i stood with the rest on dry land, sheltered in the caves
Until one day you guided me into the sea
making it look easy to move and feel so free
Time after time, i slipped and had almost drown
yet as long as i tried, i'd never see you frown
And one time we were swimming under the night sky
and i saw the distance between ourselves and those who'll never try
I realized too, there's so much more than just the skill
that flows within our souls as i've made it this far up the hill
Everywhere around everyone, this endless ocean
is filled with knowledge, power, and emotion
We share the same flame which lights up our lives
and will be there in spirit when we take those deeper dives
It's another world out here, far better that i could know
So thank you for teaching me to swim and helping me to grow
True, I'm only in the shallow waters of this vast and endless world
It's already great, and i want to swim on. thank you.

A Love Poem

Somewhere out there, i can hear you call my name
but i'm sorry to say i'm trapped over here
I'bm blind to some invisible force that confines me in this strange life
and futile efforts to break free lay in that endless graveyard
your voice is my only light
yet i don't know where it is
only that it's there
and i just pray that even that is not a dream

Today I'm runing fast, i'm running scared.
I'm not sure what the future holds, but still I'll take the cahnge
that one day I may meet you while crossing random paths.
But even if i run to every corner of the earth,
never to find anything more than the echos of your steps,
if i grow old and die still searching,
I'll still have lived a wonderful life.
even if it's only in my head
your shadow is worth more than any treasure.
so while it never may be true
I'll still look for you when i hear the stars call out my name.

Angry and Untitled Again! lol

Out of the door, I'm goingn out of my mind
this city ain nothing like it used to be
But how can i leave, tell me where's the door out
Gotta leave this trashy site before i collapse

And all around me are these mindless zombies
living each day for only themselves
it's always "me", always "me", always "me - don't give a damn about you"
Well let me tell ya, I still am breathing
if you get my light, think of it as a gift
i'd never let you take it without my consent
and don't you feel ashamed when you turn on your friends?
hah, sorry there, forgot you don't have a heart.
You're not my friend, cuz if you were i could say
we'd be there for each other, talk, and work out the bad

so i'm searching for this sacred path
leadin' me out of this false life i live
Tomorrow holds no limits on the happiness to find
and i know that it hsows when i grow I'll be so happy to leave
But don't be getting me wrong, cuz this isn't that bad
I'm stronger now, and wiser now, i know i can beat it
and do what you want, cuz i guess it's your life
But as for me, I'm on the next train outta town.

Untitled 2

What the hell is going on?
My mind is spinning, oh so fast
Where the hell is this place?
Unfortunately, it feels all too familiar
How I've grown to hate this place
This dungeon of despair
Yeah, I can escape as soon as I can climb the walls
But it hurts to be thrown back here again
I'm like that stuffed animal toy
Fun for a while, love me for a day
Oh, you're sick of me now? That's ok
Just toss me on the floor and never look this way again
And again and again, I've been placed in storage
Always forgotten, and dare I say a word
It'll be "oh I'm sorry" and you know youre not
Cuz nothing will change, and aside from that
Since you're done playing, I have no purpose
And my company just ain't worth your time.
Should I even care though?
Why bother with things that will never happen?
I guess I wouldn't care had you never talked to me at all
But you let me close once, so now it hurts that you're THIS far
And don't get me wrong, I don't need you, and I don't want you
I just don't like having my fears confirmed
That all I am is a toy to you and the world

Angry and Unfinished

All these things you say are lies
for your actions say your words have died
but in all these acts in real life's play
just tell me if you want me to go away

if i'm not a psycho, why are you afraid to come near me?
if i'm not a killer, why don't you trust me when i'm walking free?
if i'm not a bad guy, why is it that we speak?
if you don't hate me, well, i'm still a one-friend-short damn freak!

can't you see this drives me mad?
oh, ok I'll admit I've done some bad
But i'm trying to patch the wounds i've made
still you don't want my help cuz it's a double blade


Folded hands and promptly sitting
Tea and cookies makes it fitting
In a doll house world, a plastic face
Tainted with my twisted smile's grace
Eyes glazed over conceal the hate
And though silent, I'd love a good debate
But I know it'd end up with this blade
In your chest, as I watch you fade
I'm mad is all, it's who I am
Mad and angry, I'll kill you, precious lamb
Mad and senseless, I've lost my mind
It only hurts me more to be bothered by your kind
But I'm lost, I'm sunk, I've fallen down
I hate you, despise you, and our love that drown
Never do I want to see you again
Always do I want to meet you and then
Rip my claws into your face
And watch you fall with such disgrace.
But alas, such is not fate
So rather I'll watch you like a piece of bait
And muse these thoughts in my mind all the while
And only sit there, and on my face the biggest smile

Velveteen Rabbit

I am a velveteen rabbit
With a faint pink nose
And seams undone
For everything I gave you
Your love made me Real.
Now tossed aside
Like the toy I am
"of what use was it
to be loved and become Real
if it all ended like this?"
So where is my fairy
I've cried you my tears
I want to be Real again
To truly be Real

Just a ... a poem

Pray for a moment, for another
Think of every sin in life
All the bad and all the good
That shapes those dirtied eyes of ours
And meanwhile, as pure as gold
Hearts are loving, people caring
For every drop of darkness
To ever see this world
An equal drop of light
To start anew again
The secret of the soul lies no in what you do
But the heart in which you have
And the way you make your move
For sorry sinners are better than stubborn "saints"

Sad Poem ;_;

The world is blurred
Though these teary eyes
A cold, silent night
In the back roads that I know
Down on my knees
Holding myself
I tremble as my heart cries

Endless pain, such overwhelming feelings
That bleed from my broken heart
I can't even breathe
But I look to the sky
Shaking, I close my eyes
Gasping for breath
In this drowning sorrow

My wind poem

The wind is magic
How I pray for those days where
It seems to blow right through you
Leaves of green and gold dance joyously
And the waters supple figure bends to its will
My eyes closed, I hear the voice of wind
Whispering to the grass and singing for the rocks
How I long for those times when
It surrounds and embraces me
Tears overwhelmed crying in my heart
Cries with that same wind which
Dries them with its forgotten scent

Julia Thaller

An echo may be all that remains
but never could a shadow
cast itself over the light you've left in me - Julia Thaller