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Poetry & Reflections

Reading someones poetry is often like looking into their soul. Through words they can express deep feelings of love, pain or happiness.

I have chosen to devote part of my webpage to poetry because I enjoy both writing and reading it.

Interested in Submitting?

If you have any poems or short stories that you'd like to submit you can e-mail them to me. I really want to have other peoples work on this page, so go ahead and show me. =) If you wanted your poem to be anonymous that's fine too. You can email them ---

The Authors

Thus far, the following people have contributed work to this page
-Julia Thaller
-Autumn Moss
-Cody MacLeod
-Jackie Krah
-Brendan Bernard
-and Myself

Julia is a senior at North Allegheny. She studies karate with my dad and I. She's also very talented at art and making cow sounds.

Autumn is a junior at Seneca. She is an exceptional student and is very involved with her church.

Cody is a sex fiend from Calif. He's a very good artist as well as a great writer.

Brendan is a student at Mars High School. He kicks ass at everything and reminds me of my bf jared alot. His poems are often about death and violence.

Jackie is a sophmore at NA. She also studies karate and just recently had one of her poems published in a book through a state wide contest.