Christmas and New Years 2000

I Love the Holidays

Here are some of the pics from this years Christmas and I will have up new years pics after new years(duh).

This Christmas was really great. I got some nice gifts and I had a really good time with my family. And I will never forget playing FANTAVISION on Christmas night with Justin and Kevin. Haha what fun.

This was at the karate Christmas Party

HAHA I guess Julias not a big drinker(sake-rice wine)

This is my dad and I looking all dego for our annual trip to the strip dist on christmas eve.

My dad and Tony-san

The almost look normal

And she drank that whole bottle herself too.

Heres a close up. I look like a japanese person.

Isn't that pic great? My dad a beer and Stanta.

I need Christmas Pics!!