Ed Style

Sweet Sweet Cheeba and How it Helps Me

Hello. My name is Ed. I have been smoking up before karate class for several years now and let me tell, WOW it makes all the difference. When I'm high and my sensei hits me, i don't feel a thing. Here's the basic game plan of an average karate class...

Smoke a bowl
Throw a few punches a few kicks
Have a smoke
Do some EdKata, this involves doing karate while smoking a cig.
Fight a match or two(as I said when your high it doesn't hurt)
Then burn some insence(weed) and bow out.

Well kids, there you have it. I think that the Ed method of training works for me, I'm sure it'll work for you!

Dis is wut we be usin' az a patch fo' our gi's.

Showa of Ed Style

We who be studyin' dis karate shit should neva' fuhgedabout da warria's way. Wit' useless brawlin', countless bongs, and broken whiskey bottles, we ain't gonna be failin' at nutin' BEEOCH!!!

Written by Brendan Bernard

The Original Showa

We who study karatedo should never forget the spirit of the warriors way with peace, perseverance and hard work we shall not fail to achive our goals.

Pot makes be train harder an shit

Dude...explore an shit

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