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Earth Mothers

The idea of 'Mother Earth' as a way of describing the relationship between landscape and figure has long been an interest of mine. What initially began as an exploration of the female form in the land, gradually developed into a whole range of possibilities.

My nudes took on the colours, textures and shapes of their new environments; most notably set in stormy fields, moonlit forests and ponds of early morning mist. The sensations of these environments were powerful and seductive. My compositions became more rhythmic as I observed the spaces between objects- often referred to as 'background'. I wished to capture the energy I felt existed within these spaces.

When finally I was introduced to a voluptuous model in her last month of her pregnancy, I could examine yet another very real and poignant aspect of the life cycle. Mother Earth is everything-resting and struggling, lush and luminous- in a living and breathing landscape.

New Moon


Ancient Riches Untold
oon Daughter

Unravel the Mystery

Bounteous Marsh

The Moon Drinks up the Night

Feels Like Eternity

Slip Away

The Questions of a Queen

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