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The Chess Game

I am not a chess player. Like a tourist in a big city, I can navigate the streets, but I do not really know where I'm going. My interest in it as a theme was a result of observing it being played in the gardens of Stuttgart. Watching the players walk onto the actual board area to make their move was intriguing. It became physical as well as intellectual.

I started with the notion of building an installation. I envisioned how various factors would affect the game itself: time of day, weather conditions, choices made for each move. How the dynamics of the game could change in just one simple move!

I imagined each piece: fallen, defeated, alone or victorious. The players themselves would also enter the game. And like characters in a story, they provided an interesting element to this scene. Some would enter the game cautiously, some boldly and some not at all. Perhaps they all mirrored life itself.

These paintings, started during my year in France, then continued back home in Canada, will one day take a three dimensional form as I first imagined.

Fallen Knight

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