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The Mother Cabrini Pages

Virgin of the Month

March 2001 - Li Hongzhi

Li Hongzhi, leader of the Falun Gong cult that is growing in influence in China, has claimed to have helped the Virgin Mary reach Heaven after she had spent 2,000 years going through various reincarnations on Earth.

January 2001 - More from the Mideast: Beirut

October 2000 - Mideast Mary

Former Virgins

August 2000 - Olympic Mary

June 2000 - Rwanda

May 2000 - The Pope and Fatima

March 2000 - The Virgin Mary and Elian!!

This web site is a non-denominational look at the varieties of religious experience, with an emphasis on primary religious experiences. In this regard, it is interesting to track contemporary images of the Virgin Mary, and how her alleged apparitions appear to coincide with the concerns and events of the collective consciousness of humanity.

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