Clark Hanford - Iconic Sculpture
Marlene Dietrch doll The golden age of Hollywood lives on through stunning sculptures by Clark Hanford.  Each half-size likeness is handcrafted by the artest in his Westport Connecticut studio and is made to order in your choice of period-correct clothing.  These sculptures were originally conceived as window displays for Clark's clothing shop in London's Notting Hill.  The original 34 inch tall Marlene Dietrch immediately aroused curiousity and these works of art were soon offered to the public.  Demand continued after Clark's return to the U.S. with clients such as Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Demi Moore and Burt Bacharach.  These iconic sculptures have been featured in galleries in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles.  They are now being made to order directly from the artist.  Prices begin at $4,000. Marilyn Monroe doll
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