FZR 600 Steering Damper Installation


I started by buying the longest Shindy steering damper I could find. I connected it to the fork with a Pro-Tek fork clamp. I couldnŐt find the right size for my fork, so I bought one a millimeter smaller and skimmed the center out with a machinistŐs lathe. If no lathe is available, you could do a pretty decent job with a drill press and a sanding drum. The body is connected to the frame with a bracket I made out of a piece of flat steel. I bent it with a torch and drilled it to match the two 10mm bolts that attach the lower frame rail to the steering head:



The stops needed to be modified to keep the damper from bottoming out. I first tried the adhesive wheel weights but it required three on each side, which I didnŐt like, so opted for something a little neater. I considered welding a lug to the center stop, but since I only weld with gas, I didnŐt want to risk distorting the bearing seat. I started by roughly sawing a piece of 1/2Ó thick aluminum to a workable dimension. Then I cut a radius close to that of the steering head with a drill press and a hole saw:








I then milled a channel into the piece the correct width for the original stop. For this, I used and end mill (about 5 bucks from Grizzly.com) and a cross sliding vise (about 40 bucks, also from Grizzly) A good fit is necessary here, since the impact of the front end needs to be transferred to the original stop, and not the screw that holds it in place:





I drilled a 5mm hole (3/16Ó drill bit) and filed out some relief for the bead of weld that connects the original stop to the frame. After some more shaping with a hacksaw and sandpaper, itŐs ready for installation.




I drilled the new and original stops separately, but a better way would have been to remove the front wheel and drill up from the bottom through both pieces. IŐll still use one wheel weight for impact on each side. Here it is in situ (something funky was going on with my camera, but you can see it well enough):