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All these albums has done recording with N&K Productions and released.

Lao and Combodia albums.

        Thuch & Thyda completed on 1997                     Thyda & Thuch completed on 1998                                 Arn completed on 1998


             Thuch & Lori completed on 1999                           N&K Productions vol.1 on 2000                               N&K Productions vol.2 on 2001

               Sava band completed on 8-00                                N&K Productions vol.3 on 2001                              N&K Productions vol.4 on 2002

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palaa.jpg (24866 bytes)

                  Malina completed on 7-01                                         P-nit completed on 7-01                                            Pahlaa completed on 7-01

Coming soon

               Phakaiphet completed on 8/01                                   Sisouk completed on  9/01.                                                      


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