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Kahikatea Brewery
256 Kahikatea Drive
(next to Pumpkin Planet)
P.O.Box 8012
New Zealand
Phone:(07) 847-0705
Fax    :(07) 847-0706
When the original Waikato Brewery closed down in 1987 and production was moved to Auckland, there was a resentment in the Waikato that OUR beer was being brewed in Auckland. As the smaller local breweries were swallowed up by the national brands, the distinctive character of local brands disappeared to be replaced by national brands that had to appeal to the widest possible market.
Brian Ronson, who was the Production Manager and Head Brewer of the original Waikato Brewery in Bridge St., Hamilton, promised himself that he would recreate a local beer for the Waikato. In partnership with Kevin Gouge, a Process Engineer and Hamilton resident for 18 years, the brewery was born.
The brewery started production in September 1995 as the result of a perceived lack of good quality naturally brewed and additive free beer in the Waikato.
Visit us at the Brewery to sample and purchase at brewery prices
BEST BITTER   4% v/v
 A traditional golden coloured draught. Full bodied and well hopped with a long crisp finish.
 Brewed at full strength with a light hop bitterness to give a very drinkable session beer.
DARK ALE    4% v/v
 Medium sweet and very mild. Full malt flavour with coffee and chocolate notes and a mild smoky finish. Dark in colour but ruby red when held up to the light.
 A European style lager with a clean crisp finish.  Straw coloured  with a good hop finish.

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