The Prophecy of Toth

Do you ignore, oh Asclepios, that Egypt is the image of the heavens and is the projection, here down, of the order that reigns in the celestial things?

Nevertheless, it is necessary that you know:

A time will come in which it will seem that the Egyptians in vain observed the cult of the Gods with as much mercy and that all the invocations will have been sterile and unheared.

The divinity will leave the Earth and return to the sky, leaving Egypt, its old one dwelled; then this earth sanctified by so many chapels and temples will see cover of tombs and deads.

This land, that was a spiritual teacher to all humankind, wich loved the Gods with such devotion, that They deigned to sojourn here on earth. This land will exceed all others in cruelty. The dead will far outnumber the living, and the survivors will known as Egyptians by their language alone, for in their actions they will be like men of another race.

!Oh Egypt, Egypt!

It will not be more of your religion than vague stories than the posterity no longer will believe and words recorded on the stone narrating your mercy.

Every sacred voice will be silenced. Darkness will be preferred to light. No eyes will raise to heaven. The pure will be thought insane and the impure will be honoured as wise. The madman will be believed brave, and the wicked esteemed as good. Knowledge of the immortal soul will be laughed at and denied.

For that reason I, Hermes Trismegisto, the first of men to attain All-Knowledge, have inscribed the secrets of the gods, in sacred symbols (hieroglyphcs) on these stone tablets, which I have concealed for a future world that may seek our sacred wisdom.

Hermes Trismegisto