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  • Red Cloud

    Red Cloud was an Ogalala Chief that spent much of his early years at war with the Pawnee, Crow, and other Ogalala Sioux.

    In 1866 the U.S. Army began to construct forts along the Bozaman Trail, which ran through Lakota Territory. Red Cloud launched a series of attacks on the forts that resulted in the defeat of Lieutenant Colonel William Fetterman at Fort Kearny, Wyoming.

    Red Cloud was so successful, that by 1868, the United States agreed to the Fort Laramie Treaty that required the Army to abandon the forts along the Bozeman Trail.

    This pencil drawing was created in March of 2005. The size of the original is 15X20 and is drawn on 140# archival paper.

    The piece is framed in hammered bronze, double matted in deep red and gold, covered in non-glare glass, and backed with foam-core. The matted size is 25X20.

    This piece Sold in April of 2006

    Archival Quality Prints Red Cloud, signed by the artist, are for sale through the Stonewall Gallery in Loudonville.
    The art is also available on-line.

    The prints for this piece are 16 inches X 20 inches and are priced at $65

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