Title 24 Sullivan Co. Fair 2003
Here are some of our tractors in the Parade and some of the activities at the fair

Ashley Snyder and her brother Brandon on My "A"
Ashley is a good friend of my daughter Charly

                            Kim and Cole on my "M"

                      Ronnies son James on his "CUB"
                                    Mike on his "DC"
                 A friend, Mitch Davis on Ronnie's "50"
             Ronnie and Ryan Thompson on the "GP"
               Tanner and Tyler Thompson on My "70"
                               Warren  on his "15-30"       
      Tanner on John's "G" in the slow forward race
    Charly and Ashley in the blind fold race on my "A"
   Michelle and Lori-Beth in blindfold race on the "730"
                   Mike on my "M"   in slow forward race
                       Heres Charly on grandpa's "A"
            Grandpa and Grandma on Grandpa's "70"
                                   Lori on John's "G"
                                Michelle on the "730"
                        Shawn and Loren on John's "H"
These are a few of the tractors at the fair waiting for the parade and games to begin