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Binding Rye 2003
This year we got a John Deere Binder and put it to use binding Rye for our "Threshing Show " on Oct the 10th 11th and 12th at the"Sullivan Park and Lake Antique Show" in Sullivan Indiana.

The "Crew" was made up of Warren , George, Mike, Dusty, Tanner, James, Ronnie, and Francis (Toody) Bogard. I was recuperating from back surgery and didn't get to help.  I did manage to get down to the field and watch though.  Kim took the photos.





 Every crew has its clown I guess, Heres Dusty with nephew Cole's toy hard hat on prentending to be a warrior,I think.  So we'll just call him the "Binding Warrior".


After  they had enough bound up for the show Dusty got on the modern day machine and finished the field.

Another friend Teresa Snyder and her son Brandon rode along with Dusty for a while. It was they're first time on a combine