George's neighbor Mickey Shorter is a farmer and pulls tractors as a hobby. He and his wife Linda have been pulling for a number of years now . The last tractor he pulled was a 1468 International pulling it in the Naturally Aspirated Class . They purchased the tractor in 1980 and pulled it for 18 years . They belonged to the Illinois Stock Pullers Assocation and recieved various awards.In 1997 Mick recieved the ISPA Puller of the Year award and in 1998 he was the ISPA Points Champion.

In 1999 Mick and Linda purchased they're 4955 John Deere "BUCK EATER" from Lavern Knepper from Wheeler Illinois at the 1999 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville Kentucky. They pull it in the Pro Stock Class. They won three times with it in 1999 and ended up 8th in the points in the ATPA Grand American Series and 5th in the points in the State of Illinois (part ot the NTPA).
They traveled over 12,000 miles last summer,pulling in Michigan,Wisconsin,Ohio,Illinois,Kentucky,Pennsylvania and Indiana. They have been invited to pull at the 2000 National Farm Machinery Show in Feburary ,in Louisville Kentucky and at the ATPA Winter Pull in Fellsmere, Florida in March.
They haven't been without trouble tho! They pulled the tractor twice and demolished the rear end. After getting it fixed they pulled a month and through a rod through the block on both sides. They're mechanic had a spare engine so they were able to finish out the season.
Lance and Chris Little of Tantrum Enterprises (Tuscola , Illinois) built the tractor and help to keep it running. They have it up and going and are ready to go to Louisville in Feburary. Come out and watch them pull.

~bmarkel/"Pulling Power
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