What's New
We've got 3 new old tractors at the barn now.  Mike found 2 "A"s and I found one so with the 3 of them we hope to get one fixed and running.

 This is not new but we vary rarely get a picture of brother John on our site here he is on his new "A"
We also have a good picture of Harvey's "G" and John's "A"

George's 70 finished. spent a lot of time on this one but it was worth it.
                                                                                                                         My "M" is finally done.  This was Mike's first paint job.

 George and Peggy have they're 50th anniversary this year.
George thought it would be nice to have a 1953 tractor to pull them in the Merom parade so he found this 53  "70"  We've still got to get it painted up but its a real nice tractor good shape for a 53

Mike's 1951 Case DC finally finished,Grandson Wyatt wanting to get on.

Warren's 15-30 is finally  finished.


Another Baby is whats new for now
Dusty and his wife Jess have a new baby boy
his name is Lane Austin Pinkston
He was born on Feb. the 5th 2003
it will be awhile but i'm sure we'll have another tractor driver one of these days

This Photo isn't a Tractor but lets face it it's "Classic"This 1963 Impala belongs to my  Son -in-law and Daughter, Ryan and Serena Memering.  They aren't
into old tractors yet but an old car is a good start.

Ryan, Serena, Jordan and Brennan Memering
If Grandpa gets his way the Grandsons will grow up loving old tractors and old cars


We've started on Mikes "DC" now getting it ready to be painted

We're also working on Warrens 15-30

We haven't started on my "M" yet but we do have it in the  shop ready to start on Have to get the others out first

This is the newest addition to the line up of tractors. I bought this "M" about 3 weeks before Christmas 2002 . All it needs is painted the old girl runs out real good. This is Tanner and his friend Ryan trying it out over Christmas vacation. (Tanner will try it out every day if I let him !!!!!)

This is Mike and his boys ( Cole & Wyatt) with they're new "DC" Case
Mike says "its the boys tractor"

We finally got the fordson finished this spring (2002) needless to say we're pretty proud of it

2 New (OLD) Tractors

This is a 1924 or 25 Fordson, we're not real sure of the year because not all of the serial number is readable.  Uncle Warren and I went together to buy this one.  Need less tosay it doesnt run (yet)
but we hope to have it running by the 2002 parade season.

This one is a 1928 Mc. Deering 15-30.
Uncle Warren bought this one on Thanksgiving
weekend 2001.  We went about 25 miles north-east of Cincinnati Ohio to get this one. Its not going to take much to get this one parade ready. The old girl will start on the second pull every time and lots of times on the first pull.  Really a good running old tractor.


We've been working on the fordson. We have it running now and almost primed just about ready for paint. We still have to get the radiator replaced then we'll get it painted. We will have it ready for the Merom parade the first weekend in June


It's been a year or so now and I have finally gotten to the Oliver "70". I've got the engine running and back in the frame so now all I have to do is finish putting it back together and do the sheet metal work . I'm not sure if it will be ready for the Merom parade or not but I'm going to try

I finally have my Oliver "70" finished. It only took me 2 years to get it this far. I still need to find original front wheels for it though